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Publications 2006

Books/Book Chapters


F. Gerfers and G. den Besten and J. Conder and J. Petkov and A. Köllmann (2006). Adaptive Equalizer Tuning Algorithm and Phase Selection Procedure.

P. Petkov and J. Conder and F. Gerfers (2006). An Infinite-Skew Tolerant Delay Locked Loop.

Journal Articles

Y. Yin and H. Klar (2006). Wideband SC-Sigma-Delta Modulator Topology with Relaxed Requirement on the Integrator Settling Behaviour. WSEAS Transactions on Circuits and Systems, 499-504.

Conference Papers

G. den Besten and F. Gerfers and J. Conder and A. Köllmann and P. Petkov (2006). A 200Mb/s-2Gb/s Oversampling RX with Digitally Self-Adapting Equalizer in 0.18µm CMOS Technology. IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology and Circuits

N. Dodel and H. Klar and S. Otte (2006). A 9.8-10.7Gb/s Bang-Bang CDR with Automatic Frequency Acquistition Capability. Circuits and Systems, 2006. MWSCAS '06. 49th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on, 46-49.

F. Gerfers and E. Ginsburg and D. Samara-Rubio and M. He and Y. Manoli and L-P. Wang (2006). Fabrication and Characterization of Bulk-micromachined Accelerometers Based on AlN Piezoelectric Sensing and SOI Wafers. Eurosensors

F. Gerfers and M. Ortmanns and P. Schmitz (2006). A Transistor-Based Clock Jitter Insensitive DAC Architecture. IEEE Symposium on Circuits and Systems

E. Di Gioia and H. Klar and C. Schwoerer (2006). A 14-bit cascaded 3-2 Sigma-Delta Modulator for VDSL. Circuits and Systems, 2006. MWSCAS'06. 49th IEEE International Midwest Symposium on, 698-702.

C. Hermann and C. Miinker and H. Klar (2006). A transformer based 1.8 - 1.9GHz low-IF receiver for 1V in 0.13µm CMOS. Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits (RFIC) Symposium 2006 IEEE

P. Petkov and J. Conder and F. Gerfers (2006). An Infinite-Skew Tolerant Delay Locked Loop. IEEE Symposium on Circuits and Systems

L.-P. Wang and E. Ginsburg and F. Gerfers and D. Samara-Rubio and B. Weinfeld and Q. Ma and V. Rao and M. Y. He (2006). Sputtered AlN Thin Films for Piezoelectric MEMS Devices. IEEE Sensors

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