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Fast-Bits: Electro-Optical 100 Gbit/s Communication System for IoT- and 5G Applications


Technical innovations in the last years have enabled optical 100 Gbits/s communications as state-of-the-art for cloud- and ethernet applications. For this, multiple parallel fibres are used to reach the high data rates. Currently, a single channel achieves 28 Gbits/s. While these systems fulfill data rate requirements, often latency is a problem, especially for real time applications. Fast-Bits targets a single-fibre, single-chip solution to enable high-speed and low-latency solutions. For this, a modern CMOS SOI technology is used to ensure high bandwidths. The chair of mixed-signal design will develop the transmitter, which includes the optical driver, as well as the clock generation for both the transmitter and the receiver. The design of these modules is only possible with the developement of ultra-high bandwidth digital-to-analog converters, non-linear feedback equalization for driving the laser and high-bandwidth and high-purity phase-locked loops. Project Head: Prof. Dr.–Ing. F. Gerfers
Project Members: M.Sc. U. Hecht and M.Sc. P. Kurth

  • Technische Universität Dresden - Fachgebiete PSN und IPD
  • VI Systems GmbH
  • LUST Hybrid-Techik GmbH

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